Daniel Giddings



Physical Attributes


St Mary Catholic School (Cobourg)

Height: 5FT 5

Weight: 137

Sports Data

Daniel has competed in Track & Field throughout all his years in High School. He has been part of The Gazelles Track and Field Club for 2.5 years as well. Through his participation in Track and Field Daniel has steadily improved lowering his Personal Best Times over the years. He has competed in Provincial and Highschool Track & Field Championship caliber meets including meets in the USA. 

Outdoor Personal Bests:

100m = 11.25s, 200m = 22.81s

Indoor Personal Bests:

60m = 7.17s, 200m = 23.31s

Extra Curricular Activities:

Lacrosse, Wrestling, Basketball and Gymnastics

Daniel plays the Trombone in his town's concert band and he drinks at least one cup of tea per day.

Daniel has a GPA of 2.0 for Highschool. Daniel has scored 1090 in his SAT.

Career and Sports Goals Daniel wants to get a degree in Kinesiology and become a Chiropractor specializing in Sports Therapy. He loves to sprint and wants to continue to develop and get faster.

Interesting Facts Daniel is 1/2 Jamaican from his Mother's Side. He has an older brother and sister and he's the only one in his family who is left handed.