Areas of Focus


Creating fun and adventurous training sessions is one of the reasons why Running For Your Life is Durham and Clarington Region’s #1 choice for parents getting their kids active.  We can help manage weight problems and teach your child how to live a healthy life.  We aim to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere for kids to learn how to lead a balanced lifestyle.  We teach and motivate kids to get active, eat healthier and have a positive attitude.  Our goal is to help kids create a positive outlook into the future by improving their health and eliminating the obesity-related health risk factors plaguing kids today.



Being comfortable and feeling confident are two qualities we put on the fore front for our Super Star Ladies Bootcamp. For like-minded females who want to train without the added pressure about how they look or feel this is the program for you. We understand the pressure that women experience to make time and energy to look after their health and fitness and we will help you to meet your goals of bringing out the Super Star in YOU!


Eating dinner or family vacations aren’t the only way to spend time together as a family. Running For Your Life’s Family Training Program is perfect for those busy families who are looking for activities for the family to do together that are creative and fun.  If you have a resolution to get fit as a family or are trying to train for a special event together, we can provide exciting new fitness goals to shake things up and keep your family interested in a yearlong fitness plan.


Designed especially for YOU and only You. One-on-One Personal Training is an experience where You and I get to the bottom of where you are and where you want to go concerning your fitness and health needs. From Meal Planning to Training Side By Side with You, the one-on-one package comes with all the bells and whistles!


Cathy strongly believes that in order to truly be successful in becoming fitter and healthier, a person should approach a healthier lifestyle that incorporates not only training but also nutritional counselling. Cathy can help you to make meaningful healthier choices to your diet that have a lasting footprint. Cathy will provide a nutritional assessment tailored to your needs and wants to help you reach your goals to a healthier you.