Being A Canadian Student-Athlete
In High School Has Many Challenges.

One of the most important challenges a Student-Athlete faces after graduating from High School is deciding on their choices for University or College.
  • What school should the Student – Athlete go to?
  • Should they stay in Canada?
  • What Scholarships are available in the U.S.?
  • A U.S. School has called me; Am I allowed to speak to the coach?
The list goes on regarding Student – Athlete’s choices academically or athletically regarding Post High School opportunities.

The Student-Athlete RFYL Scholarship Program

The Student – Athlete RFYL Scholarship program helps parents and Student-Athletes walk through the maze of information so the path of Post High School Education and Athletic Competition is clear. The program creates a system which puts Student – Athletes in front of potential Schools so the Student – Athlete has the highest chance of being discovered by potential Schools. Our mission is to help parents and Student – Athletes make the best decision in choosing a School that fits their individual needs

Ann-Marie (Mother Of Scholarship Recipient)
Ann-Marie (Mother Of Scholarship Recipient)
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Thank you Randy and all your Gazelle family for your support, coaching and loyalty towards us. You are an amazing coach that absolutely loves Track and Field since day 1. Keep doing what you doing for young and growing kids, the positive energy and consistency is what they need from someone like you with years of experience. My family also says THANK YOU for all your hard work with Skyy.
Sue (Mother Of Athletic Scholarship Recipient)
Sue (Mother Of Athletic Scholarship Recipient)
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Randy played a key role in helping our daughter realize her dream in securing a scholarship to a D1 school in the US. Given his experience for also receiving a scholarship he more then understood the process. He was able to aid in the finding of a school suitable to the criteria we had given. Randy’s coaching for the past 4 years has been instrumental in getting her to this point. His commitment to his athletes is unparalleled. Thank you Coach Randy!
Coach Jason (Project Athletics, High-School Teacher)
Coach Jason (Project Athletics, High-School Teacher)
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Experience is a valuable asset that cannot be duplicated or replaced. That's what makes Running For Your Life's Student-Athlete Scholarship Program so special. The staff at RFYL has gone through the scholarship process themselves as Student-Athletes and have all accepted full Athletic-Academic Scholarships from Universities in the United States. They've walked the walk themselves. Experience matters.


There are many scholarship opportunities for Student – Athletes coming out of High School. Whether the choice is to remain in Canada or going to The U.S. it’s necessary to know what is available financially for the unique needs of a Student – Athlete

Am I Ready?

You’re having a successful career as a Student – Athlete in High School. You hear about opportunities for yourself in College or University, but are you ready? There are several requirements for Student – Athletes to have to be able to pursue higher education after High School

The Student-Athlete RFYL Scholarship Program Difference

Experience is one of the best teachers they say. The staff at The Student – Athlete RFYL Scholarship Program has gone through the process themselves of being successful Student – Athletes, being recruited by Canadian and U.S. Colleges & Universities and taking the big step of signing a scholarship. The process of finding a scholarship for a Student-Athlete is big business. Let us help you achieve your unique educational goals as a High School Student-Athlete

Sample Student-Athlete Profile

Check out a sample RFYL Student-Athlete Profile to see how we help Canadian Student-Athletes make the best decision in choosing a School that fits their individual needs.