“We have had the pleasure of knowing Randy for over 15 years as an athlete, student and family friend from the time he was a scholarship student-athlete at UCLA.  Randy has always been a respectful individual with high morals and a great work ethic. He was not only a stellar athlete; he was also a great student of the sport of Track & Field.”

Rafer Johnson
1960 Olympic Gold Medalist
1984 Olympics – Final Torch Bearer
Hershey’s Track & Field Youth Games National Spokesperson
Special Assistant to UCLA Athletic Director

Joshua Johnson NCAA All-American Track & Field Athlete
NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship Recipient
2nd Place – USA Track & Field Championships (98)
Real Estate Broker/Entrepreneur

“I have been coaching tennis to many high performance level athletes over my 15 years in the sport, and as a past competitive player myself; I have learned how important speed and balance are for success in tennis competition. With Randy’s background as an international sprinter and his expertise in the art of running, balance and quickness, the Region of Durham’s minor athletic community would benefit from his Running For Your Life program.”

Brian Hurd
Head Pro & Program Director
Pickering Tennis Pros
Ajax Winter Tennis

“I live in the High Park neighbourhood of Toronto and am a busy mother of two young boys, have a full-time professional career and operate my own business. I have been training with Randy now for several months and appreciate how accommodating he has been to travel to my neighbourhood or to a convenient location mid-way in order to enable my training with my tight schedule. Thank you, Randy, for your professionalism, kind and generous support in helping me attain my goals. I would highly recommend anyone to join Randy in either his personal training or group training. He is a master at explaining the biomechanics of running in a straightforward manner and pushes his clients to reach their full potential. I thoroughly enjoy my training sessions and the strength I am acquiring with my fitness level.”

Tuff Runna/Running Beyond Client

“Randy and Sam are truly great coaches. They provide a supportive atmosphere for kids to learn, train and excel with their individual talents. They provide sound advice, knowledge and experience in all aspects of running, training and health and nutrition, which allows them to be true mentors to the kids they train. Not only do they have the athletes’ best interest in mind, they keep parents involved and aware of the kids’ strengths and weaknesses. They provide insight into how each child can better himself/herself through training and the setting of goals so each child will ultimately reach his/her highest potential.”

The Durham Gazelles

“I’m back playing soccer in my lady’s league and I must say I’m surprised how much in shape I am. I never really trained off season and your Tuff Runna sessions really paid off. Thank You!”

Adult Soccer Player

“I wanted to express our thanks and appreciation to Running For Your Life for working with our Pickering Power Green 2001 girls soccer team over the 10 sessions of fitness training this spring/summer.  I can tell the girls have enjoyed themselves because prior to starting, I see a smile on their faces, during and at the end of each session.  The technical aspect of running you have taught the girls has made an impact as the season progressed.  With proper running mechanics their speed we have noticed has increased. Their stamina has continued to improve as well as their quick runs from a stand still position.  I know this is in result partly from your teaching them how to start running from a stand still position with proper technical form.  The sessions from a parent stand point I think have been very professional. From day 1 you created an environment for the team that was very comfortable. It was like the girls already knew you which allowed the team to be themselves.  Thanks again from the coaching staff, parents and girls for all your effort and a great program.”

Manager – Pickering Power Green 2001 Girls Soccer Team (Rep)

“I have to start off by saying thank you Coach Randy for making my son, Vincent, a much better basketball player today.  His basketball coach and the other parents on the team took notice of his remarkable improvement.  Specifically Vincent’s running speed and overall agility became very apparent whenever he plays defence or during his fast break situations.  His stamina has also greatly improved and most importantly, the boost in Vincent’s self confidence.  Vincent’s big improvement in his speed and agility all came after learning the techniques you taught him when he started his speed and strength training with you.  Amazingly, we saw Vincent’s progress after only a few training sessions.  Vincent will continue to train with Running For Your Life because we trust that he can only get much better under your tutelage.”

Father of Triple ‘A’ Basketball Player

“Thanks Running For Your Life for getting my son ready to play Rugby.  Zemarco’s fitness and running ability really helped him with his game.  He’s learned a lot!”

Tuff Runna For Kids Bootcamp Mother

“The name Randy Brookes is all over our elementary and high school track and field records with the TCDSB. For this reason, it was a great thrill for us to have Randy visit our elementary school running club. The students were able to hear about the importance of school, athletics, nutrition and the right way to live: all topics that are important to our holistic school. We ended off our talk with a short distance run with Randy. It was an enjoyable day for all.”

Roy Fernandes
Principal, St Sylvester School

“My daughter Nilayah has improved so much in Track & Field & Cross Country since joining The Durham Gazelles Track & Field Club. Nilayah not only is a top 20 ranked sprinter in Ontario but she is excelling so much in her swimming class. She used to get so tired in her classes and had to repeat her levels a few times in the past. Now she is the strongest swimmer in her class. Track & Field is such a transferable sport!”

Mother Of Nilayah, The Durham Gazelles

“My son James has been playing competitive soccer for 61/2 years. He was advised by his coach that although his soccer skills and knowledge of the game are above average, if he wants to move forward and to higher levels in the sport he must increase his speed. Because soccer is James’ #1 passion, I searched several running coaches looking for the right match for my son. Finding Randy was a perfect match. James has learned the mechanics of running and increased his speed amazingly in just the 1st month of training. His endurance and fitness has also improve greatly. James’ soccer coaches have noticed and commented on his remarkable improvement. James has found a new love in running, he enjoys going to the training. He will continue to train with Running For Your Life and we trust that he will continue to improve under Randy’s training. “Thanks a bunch Randy, for helping my son work to attain his goals!” We would highly recommend anyone to contact Randy for the running/conditioning training they may need.” 

Mother of Rep “A” Soccer Player

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. My daughter Venus trained with The Durham Gazelles in the summer of 2013 for 3 months. The coaches got her to a respectable level of fitness and helped Venus develop her running mechanics. We were approached by a parent from another Track & Field Club and we decided to switch Venus over to this club. We thought she would get better training as this other club had a few notable athletes. We were wrong. The attention and care that The Durham Gazelles put into Venus’s training was second to none. We are glad we switched back over to The Durham Gazelles. Thank You Coach Samantha and Coach Randy!”

Mother of Durham Gazelle Athlete

“Training with Running For Your Life was nothing but perfect for myself as someone trying to improve  their speed, explosiveness, running mechanics and total fitness level. Randy is a great coach who trains athletes of all ages and different sports backgrounds. I am a football player who prepped for the CFL Combine and with the help of Coach Randy I shaved two tenths of a second off my 40 Yard Dash Time in under 2 months of training. Running For Your Life’s training regiment exceeded all my expectations and I wouldn’t think twice about training with them again!”

Hussein H
York University Football Star – CFL Hopeful

“Training with Randy for the CFL combine greatly prepared me to run a much faster 40 time. His technical teaching skills allowed me to slowly break down my running mechanics which allowed me to be able to self assess my running form. Running For Your Life was a great experience with Randy’s patient and supportive approach in 2 and a half months I was able to shave 5 tenths of a second off my 40 which is huge! For anyone looking to improve their test scores, get faster or just looking to get involved in exercise and activity Running For Your Life is the perfect club to help you accomplish your goals!”

Jaiden M
University of Toronto Football Star – CFL Hopeful

“Our son, with another hockey teammate, spent last summer training with Coach Randy to improve their speed, performance and stamina for rep hockey with the Pickering Panthers.  When hockey season began, we noticed a significant change in our sons’ skating and speed.  Not only was he performing better, but he had more stamina and appeared to be more fluid with his skating stride.  We put this change down to the training received with Coach Randy.   Randy is very accommodating, has an awesome outlook on youth fitness and knows how to motivate the runners to get them to their ultimate performance.  Our son has begun training again this year with Coach Randy bringing with him the same hockey teammate from last year as well as another hockey teammate and never has our son said he doesn’t want to go and train.  We highly recommend this program to any young athlete and we love the rapport we all have with Coach Randy.  Thanks so much for all that you have done!”

Mother of Rep Hockey Player

“Well  your training did me wonders. Last football season during sprints and races I found myself somewhere in the middle of the pack and I wanted to change that so I starting training with Running For Your Life. This past week my High School Football Team started practicing and preparing for this upcoming season and all the coaches and players including myself are shocked about how much faster I’ve become from the last time I was on the football field with my team. Coaches are asking me to play positions that require people with speed like punt return, kick return, and running back. I’ve become one of the fastest guys on the team thanks to your summer training, thanks!”

Senior Football Player – Trinity College

“We began our journey with Coach Randy in June of 2015 with 10 sessions.  Coach Randy embraced our team whole heartedly and addressed the importance of nutrition, training and fitness.  He taught the girls the proper mechanics of running and always pushed them to their limits through positive motivation.  Once our initial sessions were over the girls requested that we continue sessions with Coach Randy, he made that much of an impression in such a short period of time.  We saw instant results in speed, stamina and agility which provided us the upper edge in finishing strong in our league games and tournaments.  Coach Randy even came out to our girl’s last season game to watch us clinch first overall in our league division.  The girls said they dedicated that game to Coach Randy and were proud that he was there to see all their hard work.  We would recommend Coach Randy to anyone looking for overall fitness improvement, he truly is an incredible human being.”

Manager-Ajax FC 2002 Girls Red Team

“I’m the starting Free Safety for the 2014 defending Yates Cup Champions, McMaster Marauders Varsity Football Team. Speed is the name of the game in football! Randy was able to help me with my running technique and speed. His superior knowledge of running techniques identified a number of areas where I could improve my speed. The result .30 sec improvement in my 40 yard dash time! I will be looking Randy up when it comes time for my CFL combine testing! Thanks for your help Randy!”

McMaster University Football Player

“Running For Your Life’s team training program is great because it teaches your kids/teens how to strengthen their core, learn proper mechanics for running so they can increase their max speed. The Pickering Panthers hockey team has benefited tremendously from this program as our team is one of the most physical in the league with the improved core strengthening. I highly recommend Running For Your Life to help your team develop the key mechanics to becoming better and stronger athletes.”

Derek Poirier
Assistant Coach – Pickering Panthers A Minor Bantam Team

“My daughter is an elite athlete who suffers from a condition called Orthorexia. RFYL has been able to ease her anxiety about food and has been successful in getting her to reintroduce foods back into her diet. They have provided my daughter with food samples and explained why they are needed for both competing but also general health.  RFYL has also served as positive role models living by what they teach. RFYL has taken a very hands on approach by developing a relationship with my daughter. My daughter is now performing better on the track, getting PB’s and was able to go back to dance. She has gained some weight but more importantly her relationship with food is slowly coming back.  I would highly recommend RFYL for any fitness or nutritional needs. I believe they have the interest and the knowledge it takes to provide the best of care possible.”

Mother of Athlete

“My son grew 5 inches in one year and had a hard time with his running mechanics.  Coach Randy and his team worked with him and within the first 5 sessions we could already see the improvements in his running.  By the end of the 10th session he was running at a totally different level. There were improvements in speed, power and body control.  So much so that he moved up a level within his soccer program. Coach Randy teaches hard work, proper form and the kids enjoy being around him. Our family is so happy to have been introduced to Coach Randy and Running For Your Life.”

Father of Rep Soccer Player

“I reached out to RFYL when I couldn’t get past stage 3 of the beep test/shuttle run for the Police PREP test. I had many years of no endurance or aerobic training to undo and I knew we were in for a challenge. After 3 months of intense speed and endurance training, I passed the beep test/shuttle run for the Police PREP test with flying colours. I went through some highs and some lows during the training and sometimes wanted to give up. The struggle was real as I went on a roller coaster ride of pains and strains but RFYL was always there with encouragement and they helped me push past my mental limits. Not only has my endurance/aerobic fitness improved but I’m also a stronger person physically, but more important, mentally than I was 3 months ago. A HUGE thanks to RFYL for helping me achieve my goals. I highly recommend RFYL to anyone with fitness/athletic goals as I move onto new goals and continue my training with her.”

Soon To Be A Police Officer

“I was in a rut. Recovering from an injury, unable to workout the way I used to. Eating all my emotions. I was not in a good place. When the 10LB CHALLENGE presented itself, it felt like the right time and the right group to work with to try and find my groove again. RFYL’s is tireless in their efforts to get you to eat right and to supplement that part of the work – small changes in your diet – with an intense workout. They are motivating in an approachable way, which is a refreshing change from all the “drill sergeant” style coaches of boot camps. I look forward to continuing my journey with RFYL during the next 10LB CHALLENGE.”

10LB Challenge Winner

“RFYL’s Speed Performance Training Program is exactly what I was looking for. Josh was a bit nervous at first training with older kids, but RFYL and their coaches made him feel at ease and they were really helpful showing him how to do the exercises that were new to him. Afterwards, he wanted to stay at the track and have me time him as he ran and when we got home he wanted to go out on the street and run some more. I’ve recommended the program to a colleague at work whose son is also a baseball player and wants to do some speed work.”


“As a family involved in rep soccer we have found Running For Your Life very accommodating with our schedule.  Our son runs track in the spring and plays soccer year round.  We have had him train with Coach Randy to get ready for school track and condition for soccer.  Two of our sons take advantage of the cross country training in the fall which goes a long way. The kids at Running For Your Life always look happy even when they are pushing their hardest, always smiling and laughing.  Coach Randy is always saying words of encouragement and attends all of the kids school track and cross country events.  My boys have definitely improved in their physical abilities and enjoy attending training.  They learn discipline, dedication and how to take care of their bodies, exercises and nutrition.  They are building friendships and confidence. Thank you Randy and Cathy!”


“Cora had so much fun yesterday with you and the team for her first meet. I thought she did pretty good!! I watch both of you with this diverse group of kids and abilities in awwwwwww. You are both amazing people to take yourselves away from your families to do this for these kids. You are great with the kids and I can’t thank you enough for being so good to Cora and patient with me as we transition into your club.”

New Gazelle Member

“Thank you both so much for making this March break experience exciting for my daughter Anastasia.  She had lots of fun.”

March Break Camp Parent

“I want to say thank you to you for running such a fun March Break Camp. Noah loved every minute of it and was sad that it came to an end. This is the first camp that he loved and was excited to go to everyday. He’s looking forward to your summer camp. We’ll see you then!”

March Break Camp Parent

“I had the pleasure of attending the Super Meet this past Sunday, where my sons 5 and 7 participated in the 100 meter run. They had a wonderful time and they both now are interested in taking a running program. I felt the meet was well run and organized. I highly recommend any parent to have their children attend to and foster a love for the sport.”

Track & Field Super Meet Parent

“I really do think the training from RFYL has helped Gabby’s endurance.  She never would have been able to sprint the 400m before and doesn’t ask to get subbed off anymore from her soccer games. Thanks so much Coach Randy!”

Rep Soccer Parent

“Since taking my son to Running For Your Life, we have seen such an improvement in his endurance and speed.  It is especially showing when he is skating during practices and games and he has become much faster on the ice.  It is also great to see how well Coach Randy interacts with the kids as he motivates them and recognizes hard work.  My son really enjoys going and working with him!”

Triple “A” Hockey Parent

“The staff at RFYL lead by owner Randy Brookes are really great people that strive to put their members first. They do a great job of helping members create life goals, help reach those goals and most importantly to help the member personally grow and develop life skills at all levels and ages. Because all of the staff were former athletes themselves they have put together programs and great training atmospheres that give members all the tools they need to be successful whether it be for personal fitness or training for competitions and other sports. They also help with mental skills needed for the different sports, nutritional information to help eat right for peak performance and also have connections with the best therapy doctors to make a great injury prevention program. Coaches of The Gazelles Track and Field Team have helped me become one of the top sprinters in Canada at the junior level and helped me to make multiple Team Ontario teams. Being a member of their student athlete scholarship program they helped get my name out to canadian schools all the way to the schools down south in the states. They helped to put me in touch with great college coaches that allowed me to pick a great school where I will get a great education and will allow me to compete at the NCAA Division 1 level. It has been a huge blessing to work with them as they have believed in me and encouraged me through the ups and downs to continue to strive toward my goals.”

Gazelle Team Ontario 2017 Top Ranked Sprinter

“Hey Randy; I want to thank you for all your coaching with Andre.  It truly made a big difference in him achieving his goals.  He successfully earned Athlete Of The Year. You inspire me as a coach, business owner and friend.  Thanks again.”

Mother of OPDL Soccer Player, Entrepreneur & Friend

“My son plays rep soccer in Durham. He had average speed and probably average quickness compared to other players in his program. This year he was asked to play up an age group and he had concerns he would not be as fast as the older players. After only four or five sessions with Randy and his team my son improved his speed and quickness significantly. He seems to run with much better form and is now one of the faster players in his soccer program. He also thoroughly enjoys the training and looks forward to training with Randy. We would highly recommend Randy to any athletes looking to improve their speed.”  


“Hi RFYL. Hope all is well.  Just wanted to thank you for the training you provided to both Morgan and Avery late last summer and fall/winter. They each had goals they wanted to achieve at the end of last summer. For Morgan she wanted to make the Oshawa lady blue knights U-15 Elite field lacrosse team… one of the best U-15 teams in the province and she did a few weeks ago. And for Avery he wanted to make the jump from A level Toros to AA. This Fall he will be playing Minor Peewee AA Toros.  Both are very excited and wanted to let you know. We will look to get both back out to the track soon.   Thanks again!”

Daryl – Father of Speed Training Kids

 Our son is a soccer player and running is a very important part of his game, we decided to have him start training with The Gazelles with the main focus being to improve his form.  The results after only 5 short months have been AMAZING! He recently competed in the Regional school track meet and not only did he go home with a ribbon he had so many spectators commenting on how impressive his form was from the beginning to the end.  Thanks for all your help Randy & All the wonderful Coaches who are part of his success! 😉

Dorothy – Mother of Gazelle & Soccer Athlete

“I was referred to Randy Brookes and RFYL by a parent on my son’s baseball team. Right from the very first session, I was impressed with Randy and his team of experienced track coaches both in terms of their rapport with the athletes and their technical knowledge. My son plays AAA baseball and AAA hockey so we signed up for the Speed Performance Training for Athletes. Over the course of the outdoor training season, I noticed a significant improvement in my son’s running mechanics and his speed. I would highly recommend working with Randy and his team at RFYL if you are looking for some speed training for your young athlete.”

Sean – Father of Triple A Level Hockey/Baseball Player