School track and field prep trainingSCHOOL TRACK & FIELD PREP TRAINING

Are you sick and tired of your child’s school teacher training your child 2 days before the 1st Track and Field meet? Does your child want to learn a certain event but is not getting the chance to at school? Running For Your Life’s Track & Field School Prep Training prepares your child in the events they are interested in while at the same-time building their confidence so they can have the greatest opportunity to be successful. From the Sprints to the Jumps, to the Throws and everything else in between Running For Your Life has all your Track and Field School training covered. We also strive to support your child during their competition at their Track and Field School Meets.
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Achieving Peak Performance and competing at a High Level is a skill set that doesn’t happen over night. The Gazelle Track & Field Program is specifically designed to assist each athlete to develop their skills by teaching them the correct biomechanics, technique and mental strategies of Running, Field Events and Competition. 


Come spend your March Break with Running For Your Life Inc where your kids will enjoy fun activities that will help them grow as successful Student – Athletes. From learning important elements of Sports Athletic Performance to establishing the keys to being a Champion On & Off the Playing Field RFYL has you covered. The camp will be held at Complete Performance Centre’s state of the art training facility in Ajax, Ontario.
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School track and field prep trainingGAZELLE T & F CLUB WINTER FITNESS

Looking to stay in shape over the fall and winter season? Our Gazelle T & F Club will offer Track and Field type training to stay in shape so athletes  don’t get rusty. Be ready for the Spring Track and Field season and get really fit, fast and strong at the same time!
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Ages 8-24

Let’s be honest. How many athletes have been taught the correct
way to run? Imagine being able to increase your speed and strength by learning
the correct bio mechanics for running. You can jump higher, kick the ball further, and improve your overall physical ability for your sport. At Running For Your Life we use drills, strength training, speed strategies, and mechanical analysis to get each athlete performing at their optimized level.

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We make it our specialty to deliver on a training program that makes speed and agility training a crucial component to incorporate into any Team’s Training Program. Our programs focus on Speed, Acceleration, Agility Training, Speed Endurance and Strength Training – all key components to achieving success; taking athletes beyond the next level of their evolution and impacting your team’s athletic performance on the playing field.
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The Olympic Sports Development Camp is perfect for the beginner, intermediate and advanced level athletes who are interested in improving their game. This camp will be filled with skill development, drills and games from our skilled coaching staff. The Sports Performance Coaches will challenge your child to improve their sport skills in a fun learning environment. The skills that will be learned coupled with confidence building techniques, will help your child improve their sports performance as well as positively impacting their everyday life.
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Speed PerformanceCROSS COUNTRY

Join RFYL’s Cross Country Program and learn how to master the skills needed to be successful. Included in the program are skill sets such as learning how to run in large groups at meets, endurance, diet, speed, running on all types of terrain, confidence and much more!
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Run & Be HealthyRUN & BE HEALTHY™
Ages 4-7

The Run & Be Healthy program introduces young children
to the activity of running and living a healthy lifestyle. The sessions will be held
in clinics and is comprised of games and fun activities
related to running.
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one-on-one-fitnessPERSONAL TRAINING

Designed especially for YOU and only You. One-on-One Personal Training is an experience where You and I get to the bottom of where you are and where you want to go concerning your fitness and health needs. From Meal Planning to Training Side By Side with You, the one-on-one package comes with all the bells and whistles!
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Tuff Runna TUFF RUNNA™

Tuff Runna Fitness Bootcamp is a fun, action packed workout
facilitated by Certified Coaches of RFYL. The fitness bootcamp consists of Olympic style workouts that focuses on strength, speed, conditioning, and weight loss. The bootcamp is designed for beginners and intermediate level athletes who are looking to establish a routine in a safe and fun setting.


Tuff Runna Kids Bootcamp is designed for kids who would rather be on their phone, computer or couch watching TV. It’s a healthy and fun environment for kids to stay active in.  Activities range from speed and strength drills to obstacle styled workouts.


We realize not everyone can physically make it out to our training sites due to living or being out of location. Due to this challenge we have created this amazing program that will help athletes and clients be “virtually” within reach so they can obtain and develop similar gains that our clients establish with RFYL. Contact us today so you too can join RFYL and benefit from our unique life changing programs.
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Running For Your Life bridges the gap of sports and academics showing
students that excelling in both disciplines helps to develop a balanced
healthy lifestyle. This program’s focus is to show student-athletes how
to balance academics and sports while helping them obtain a sports-academic scholarship.
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This is a great opportunity for adults to refresh their skills and approach running with a new perspective. The program includes tailor made workouts for adults to improve their overall speed, strength and fitness.
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