Speed Performance Training Waiver and Registration Form

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Speed Performance Training Program policies
  • Randy Brookes must be notified 24 hours in advance for cancellations. If notification is not at least 24 hours in advance or the session is missed the participant will be charged for the session.
  • Clients are to meet the Sports Performance Coach at the agreed upon training venue at the scheduled appointment time, unless an alternate meeting place has been agreed upon between client and the Sports Performance Coach.
  • Payments are final and non refundable. If there is a cancelation and the booked sessions are not complete the client has the opportunity to rebook at a later date.
Assumption of Risk for Participation in the Speed Performance Program

Each participant in the Speed Performance Program should realize that there are substantial risks, hazards, and danger inherent in such training.

It is the responsibility of each participant to participate only in those activities for which he/she has the prerequisite skills, qualifications, preparation, and training.

Randy Brookes does not warrant or guarantee in any respect the physical condition or any equipment used in connection with the activity.

Therefore, in consideration of the benefits received from the Speed Performance Program, the undersigned assumes all risks of damages or injury, including death that may be sustained by him/her while participating in an exercise activity or in travel to or from such activity.
Release, Covenant Not to Sue, and Waiver

The Speed Performance training involves an inherent risk of physical injury and the undersigned assumes all such risks. The undersigned hereby agrees that for the sole consideration of Randy Brookes allowing the undersigned to participate in the Speed Performance Program, for which or in connection with which Randy Brookes has made available any equipment, facilities, grounds, or personnel for such training, the undersigned does hereby release, covenant not to sue, and forever discharge Randy Brookes and his officers, agents, and employees of any and for all claims, demands, rights, and causes of action of whatever kind or nature including but not limited to negligence, unforeseen bodily and personal injuries, damage to property, and the consequences thereof resulting from participation in any way connected with such recreational programs and activities. The undersigned understands that this Release, Covenant Not to Sue, Waiver, and Assumption of Risk shall be effective from the date of signature until the effective termination of the Speed Performance Program by Randy Brookes. By signing this document, the undersigned hereby acknowledges that he/she has read the above carefully before signing, and agrees to comply with all the above.
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