Back To School For The Student Athlete

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Best Practices For Student Athletes Going Back To School

Your summer was fun right?  Full of high intense competitions and hanging out with friends.  Late nights and late mornings with a few naps to help you get by the day.  What do ya know September is here and school is about to start! Are you ready?
1. Get Back To The Routine
At least one week before school starts, start getting back to the regular routine. Go to bed early and wake up for the time you need to be ready for school.  Eat your main meals at the regular time and start prepping your mind for what is expected. You’re a star athlete but your star status depends on how bright you shine with your academics.
2. Know What To Expect
Find out what is expected to know for your school work and selected courses.  There’s no better plan but knowing what is ahead of you. Whether you do research online or ask a friend who took the same courses or grade the previous year find out what books you will read and what math problems you need to know. Just like you study your opponent before a big game or competition do the same with school.
3. Get A Good Start
Typically the first week is easy and breezy but don’t be fooled. You want to come out the gates fast and get a great start so you’re not playing catch up.  Take good notes and pay attention to everything the teacher is saying. Just like your home exercises get you ahead of the game in your sport, homework gets you ahead in school.
4. A Healthy Student Athlete Is A Smart Student Athlete
The week is sometimes rushed especially when it’s Monday but don’t sacrifice your health by eating a poor diet. Practice the latest fad which is meal planning.  The weekend before prep your meals or at least write out what you want to eat.  Kids sometimes develop poor eating habits due to the hustle and bustle of school so parents make sure you tell them the importance of good eating. Foods packed with Omega 3 (fish oils) and blueberries mixed with tomatoes all have cognitive power.
5.  Asthma Action Plan
Do you know parents that Asthma is the leading chronic condition that causes students to miss school? Make sure your student athlete child has an asthma action plan that his/her teacher knows about.  Your student athlete has a great advantage though; exercise! Due to their high level of activity in sports their lungs are stronger and healthier than the average student with asthma.
6. School First and Sports Second
Your student athlete child’s heroes and mentors will all tell you the same thing; School First and Sports Second. NBA Star and Veteran Vince Carter says “Get your priorities straight. I chose to go back to school and get my college degree because it’s not guaranteed that you’ll become a pro basketball player”. NFL star Donovan  Mcbabb says “Always remember you have something to fall back on and education is the first thing”.
7. Have Fun In School
There’s nothing worst but doing an activity you don’t like. Chances are you will not be successful because you don’t like it. When your child gets older they will reflect back and realize that school was one of the best times of their life.  Encourage them to capture the good moments of their school experience and have fun. Just like their sports activity take one day at a time and have fun!